A flexible control panel based gui addon for openFrameworks
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Added an example which you should be able to run from the addons/ofxControlPanel/example folder showing how the parameter stuff works.

The easiest usage is to create ofParameterGroups for a set of ofParameters and then add the group to the control panel. You can also add individual parameters though instead.

Quick example:

    ofParameterGroup cvControls; //this will be in your header file 
    ofParameter <bool> bInvert; 
    ofParemeter <float> threshold; 

    //then in setup 
    cvControls.setName("cv controls");
    cvControls.add(bInvert.set("invert", false));
    cvControls.add(threshold.set("threshold", 29.0, 1.0, 255.0));

    //now add the param group to the gui 
    gui.addGroup( cvControls );