An addon for the new Kinect For Windows V2 sensor.
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An addon for the new Kinect For Windows V2 sensor. Based on the excellent work by the team ( @JoshBlake @floe and @christiankerl plus others )


  • Supports multiple kinects.
  • Optimized for openFrameworks release 0.9.0
  • Uses OpenCL based decoding by default = much faster decoding
  • Less crashes on startup and shutdown
  • Supports both the early beta device and the new retail device.


  • Kinect needs to have flashed firmware ( this currently needs to be done on Windows 8 )
  • Requires a USB 3 port on machine.
  • For OS X if you have issues connecting to the device, check in the System Profiler -> USB. If the Nui Sensor is not listed under SuperSpeed, unplug the power to the device and replug it in, without disconnecting the USB cable.
  • Only tested on OS X though Win / Nix should be possible too with patched libusb ( see: )
  • If you have the ofxKinect ( v1 ) addon in your project remove the ofxKinect libusb lib and use the one that comes with this repo instead.
  • //On OS X if you are not using the example project. Make sure to add OpenCL.framework to the Link Binary With Library Build Phase and also change the line in Project.xcconfig to OTHER_LDFLAGS = $(OF_CORE_LIBS) $(OF_CORE_FRAMEWORKS) -framework OpenCL

Huge thanks to @christiankerl for a lot of the recent changes that made this work well on OS X.