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A wrapper for the Leap SDK ( 0.8.1 and up ) - compatible with Leap 1.0 Release
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Copyright (c) 2012-2013 ofxLeapMotion Team

MIT License.

For information on usage and redistribution, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES, see the file, "LICENSE.txt," in this distribution.

See for documentation as well as the OF forums.


ofxLeapMotion is an Open Frameworks addon for the LeapMotion that runs on Mac OS X and Windows. A linux example is not included but should be easy to get working.


git clone git://

  • The addon should sit in openFrameworks/addons/ofxLeapMotion/.

Running the Example Project


Xcode4: Open the Xcode project, select the "leapMotionExample Debug" scheme, and hit "Run".

How to Create a New ofxLeapMotion Project

To develop your own project based on ofxLeapMotion, simply copy the example project and rename it. You probably want to put it in your apps folder, for example, after copying:

openFrameworks/addons/ofxLeapMotion/example/ => openFrameworks/apps/myApps/example/

Then after renaming:


Mac (Xcode):

Rename the project in Xcode (do not rename the .xcodeproj file in Finder!): Slow double click the project name and rename (Xcode4)

Adding ofxLeapMotion to an Existing Project

Mac (Xcode):

In the Xcode project browser:

  • add the ofxLeapMotion sources to the project:

    • create a new group "ofxLeapMotion"
    • drag these directories from ofxLeapMotion into this new group: ofxLeapMotion/src & ofxLeapMotion/libs

  • On OS X, you must have this in the Run Script Build Phase of your Xcode project. where the first path ../../../addons/ofxLeapMotion/ is the path to the ofxLeapMotion addon.

cp -f ../../../addons/ofxLeapMotion/libs/lib/osx/libLeap.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$"; install_name_tool -change ./libLeap.dylib @executable_path/libLeap.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$$PRODUCT_NAME";

If you don't have this you'll see an error in the console: dyld: Library not loaded: @loader_path/libLeap.dylib

Developing ofxLeapMotion

Feel free to log bug reports and issues to the ofxLeapMotion Github page:

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