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For USB Capture Devices and Webcams

A lot of freeze issues where the camera stops working
seem to be due to windows putting the usb ports in a power
saving state.

Before using videoInput disable power management on your usb ports.

To do so follow these steps for all the USB Root Hub's listed in device manager:

   1. In Windows, click on Start > Control Panel (or Start > Settings > Control Panel).
   2. Double-click on System, then open the Hardware tab.
   3. Click Device Manager.
   4. Click the + at Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
   5. Right-click USB Root Hub and select Properties.
   6. Open the Power Management tab.
   7. Clear the checkmark from Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
   8. Click OK.
   9. Repeat this procedure for the USB 2.0 Hub.
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