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License: GPL v3

Data Breach Search Engine

Read the announcement

I developed this website once and decided to open source it.


  • Search data by email, password, ip address, etc.
  • Subscription based user system (Only subscribed members can view the whole data)
  • Cookie based Referral system see*
  • PHP (backend)
  • SQL (database)
  • Materialize (front-end)


  • Main Page(visitor) Main page

  • Data Search Example Data breach searchquery

  • Login/Register Login Page

  • Referral System Referral System

  • Others TOS


  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL
  • PHP PDO extension


First, clone the repo to your server's main directory. Or download the zip and extract

git clone

Enter necessary database credentials:

There are 2 databases, one for data breaches and other for users' data.

./config.php line:2: -> Database settings for data breaches

  • create a database and enter your credentials, this will be the database which stores the datas(aka breaches). Import the exampleSite_com.sql file located on /databases/ folder to your database and use the same format for your next tables.

    $db = new PDO('mysql:host=<HOST_IP>;dbname=<DATABASE_NAME>','<DB_USER_NAME>','<DB_PASSWORD>');

./connection.php line2: Authentication database

  • Create a "auth" database and enter credentials on connection.php file. This database is for authentication and user related stuff. aAfter creating the database import the sample users.sql file located on /databases/users.sql and use the same structure.

    $db_site = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=auth','root','');


How do I import new databases?

  • You can simply create new tables under dataleaks database, every unique table represents databases -breaches-

I imported the sample table but when I make a search there is no results?

  • Searching is case sensitive. If your data on your table is "User123" and you can searhc for "user123" there will be no result show up

Can I import new breaches usin admin panel?

  • There is no admin panel or so. This requires a basic sql knowledge. You can import using cli interface of mysql or use tools like navicat.

I receive an error and its not working?

  • Check the requirements again on top of this page

I need help/ I have aquestion?

This repository isn't maintained and I won't provide any support from now on. If you read everything carefully I explained how to install it, you won't face any problems if you do everything as should be.

And please do not send me an email related to support. Create an issue here instead, that also doesn't mean I'll take care of them

Logo by @omergulen.
Dataleaks logo can not be used for neither commercial or personal.


Use this script for legal purposes only.