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Unofficial Display Fullnames (realname) beside usernames in Phabricator
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Unofficial patch to display Fullnames (realname) beside usernames in Phabricator.

Often useful when importing users from a corporate LDAP where the usernames are auto-generated txf032 etc.


The project is considered in a usable state and feature complete.

This project is used in corporate applications. As such, the authors are unlikely to update it on a regular basis, but instead when the corporate applications that use it run into problems. You should expect updates in the 5-10yr range.

Issues and PRs will be monitored, and we will continue to work with the community to provide updates as they are contributed.


cd phabricator
git apply fullname.patch


Aim to make the less changes possible. This is why we only replace getName with getFullname instead of removing the whole case statement.

Checkout Phabricator. Make two copies of the phabricator subdir, a and b. Make your changes to b.

git patch a b > fullname.patch

Send in a PR, please make sure to include from what date onwards it is good for.


As of 2017-01-08 there is no interest from upstream in providing this as an option. Phacility instead recommends you maintain a patch yourself. This is that patch.

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