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Yet Another Name Generator
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YANG Build Status

Yet Another Name Generator


$ npm i yet-another-name-generator


$ npm test


var YANG = require('yet-another-name-generator');


Some examples:

  • nostalgic clod-hopper
  • spiritual bagman
  • lacking codman
  • pumped boatwright
  • melted minnow
  • mere kite
  • silky opah
  • blue butcher
  • drunk canadian mountie
  • mountainous herpetologist




  • the {Boolean}: if true add the word "the" to the beginning of the string.
  • titleize {Boolean}: if true uppercase the first letter of each word in the string.
  • separator {Boolean|String}: if false trim spaces between the words of the string making it one long string. else replace the whitespace between words with your custom separator.


YANG.generate({the: true});
// -> the bloody jagger

YANG.generate({the: true, titleize: true});
// -> The Magical Minnow

YANG.generate({titleize: true, separator: false});
// -> SoggyPoacher

YANG.generate({the: true, titleize: true, separator: '-'});
// -> The-Spiritual-Princess
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