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Just a bunch of stuff I've accumulated
Python Scheme HTML Perl Common Lisp Racket Other
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SICP SICP ex 2.40
arc Simpler
autograms Move autogram files around
aws-python Nix many "print"s
bridge *** empty log message ***
btree Scapegoat trees! More fasterer.
cards Track rename: fys -> shuffle
chicken Make the PLT flavor more v4 ish
ciphersaber Use eprintf. Because we can.
cl nuke old "cl" directory
clojure Following…
content .
crypt More modular-er
css-via-scribble *** empty log message ***
dancer/MyWeb-App from ``dancer -a MyWeb::App''
doonesbury Use less-arbitrary values for the namespace prefix assignment.
go Just print a few of them.
guile make 'em all use native line endings
java tweaks to get standard java going.
manglegrams *** empty log message ***
perl5 use Test::More
perl6 perl6
photo make 'em all use native line endings
plt-scheme/web/amazon big rename
praxis Add a bunch of stuff that's been lying around my disk forever
python No duplicates.
racket Use module+
ruby Compute partitions of an integer.
scsh make 'em all use native line endings
swallowing_exceptions Fix some email addresses
wc Display some graph stats
yow skip-initial-newline
.gitignore Make the PLT flavor more v4 ish *** empty log message ***
circ.rkt hmm
divisors.rkt Random fiddling
djikstra.rkt nearest-node-name: write in terms of generic "mmin" buncha random changes that'd been lying around Just fooling around This took a surprisingly long time to write :-|
generate.rkt comment use curryr instead of lambda, for maximum obtuseness! Use md5 instad of equal-hash-code;
lsat.rkt semi-pointless change
paragraphs.el This seems to work. Test with "time must have a stop". Use regexp-split instead of string-tokenize; much simpler
phonetic.rkt Simplify template->list
powerset.rkt Tweak; add powerset.rkt
prime-sieve.rkt Modernized
process-taxonomy.txt comment add a continued fraction for pi
some-assignment.rkt better
test-data This seems to work. Test with "time must have a stop".
test-data.html *** empty log message *** Knuth's up-arrow notation Use a more-realistic credit-card number in the example
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