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Just what the world needs: another IRC bot
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Mosty copy what's actually running ...

... the difference is the "exec" command: currently it doesn't use "sudo", but it seems a good idea to try it.
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bugs Can't repro
.gitignore Ignore writeahead-log stuff
.mailmap Add a few entries to .mailmap
AUTHORS Add some entries to AUTHORS
GNUmakefile Fix case of the file name.
README.censor-nasty-words Censoring nasty words sure got easier.
README.irc-servers *** empty log message *** Use "module+ main" ...
analyze-quotes.rkt Move most tests into test submodules
clearenv.rkt Comment about (get-ffi-obj 'environ #f _pointer)
cutover.txt Deployment notes
el-buggo Note another bug
freenode-main.rkt compress! Geez, it's a lot faster this way.
git-version.rkt "#lang scheme" => "#lang racket", since racket 5.1.1 on my EC2 was
http.rkt Switch to my url-shortener
info.rkt Omit compilation of files that are not meant to be compiled.
irc-process-line.rkt Don't refer to the functions we just deleted!
lexer.rkt Move most tests into test submodules
line-structure Log sexps instead of strings.
lobster-skeleton.sql Handy example query
loop.rkt Remove dependency on offby1 package Why we pagin' so much?!
quotes New one from twb
quotes.rkt Use "module+ main" ...
re.rkt Move most tests into test submodules
reloadable.rkt reload-module: spew stack trace when the exception is handled
rudybot.conf Mosty copy what's actually running ...
sandboxes.rkt Move most tests into test submodules
sighting-test.rkt Move most tests into test submodules
spelled-out-time.rkt Whitespace tweaks
tinyurl.rkt Tweak tests to accord with reality
update-sightings.rkt Use "module+ main" ...
userinfo.rkt Move most tests into test submodules
utils.rkt Only catch exn:fail?
utterance.rkt Trying to add a new table that maps words to log entries, but it's
vars.rkt Marginally more-useful defaults

If you're just trying the bot out, start it via racket freenode-main.rkt. If you want it to run continuously, and happen to have upstart available (which in practice means you're running Ubuntu), you can copy rudybot.conf to /etc/init and then # start rudybot.

Getting an error about rackunit not being available? That can be caused by using the racket-textual package instead of racket.

Run the tests like this:

$ raco test -x .

Unfortunately, you'll have to pay attention to the output of raco test, since it will likely exit with 0 status even if some of the tests fail. This is IMHO a misfeature of raco test; the Racket developers seem disinclined to change it (see this bug report).

Some specs:

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