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If you're just trying the bot out, start it via racket freenode-main.rkt. If you want it to run continuously, and happen to have upstart available (which in practice means you're running Ubuntu), you can copy rudybot.conf to /etc/init and then # start rudybot.

Getting an error about rackunit not being available? That can be caused by using the racket-textual package instead of racket.

Run the unit tests like this:

$ raco test -x .

Run the integration tests by somehow creating corpus.db (alas I can't think of the steps at the moment), then

$ racket servers.rkt

Some specs:


I just started backing up the "big-log", which holds a more-or-less raw transcript of all communication between the bot and the IRC server. (The file "corpus.db" is a sqlite db holding essentially the same data; it can probably be recreated from the log via some simple hacking.)

I do the backups with an hourly cron job that runs this command:

aws s3 cp --quiet /mnt2/rudybot/big-log s3://rudybot-data-backups --region us-west-1

That's insanely inefficient, since it copies the same file over and over (the file doesn't grow all that much in an hour), but perhaps it's cheap enough. We'll see.