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;; Not a complete file, as you can see; meant to be included into
;; incubot.rkt.
(prefix-in db: db)
(planet schematics/schemeunit:3:4)
(planet schematics/schemeunit:3/text-ui))
(define-binary-check (check-sets-equal? actual expected)
(and (set-empty? (set-subtract actual expected))
(set-empty? (set-subtract expected actual))))
(define-test-suite string->lowercased-words-tests
(check-sets-equal? (string->lowercased-words "...") (set))
(check-sets-equal? (string->lowercased-words "Hey you!!") (set "hey" "you"))
(check-sets-equal? (string->lowercased-words "HEY YOU!!") (set "hey" "you"))
(check-sets-equal? (string->lowercased-words "YO MOMMA") (set "yo" "momma"))
(check-sets-equal? (string->lowercased-words "Don't get tripped up by 'apostrophes'")
(set "don't" "get" "tripped" "up" "by" "apostrophes"))
;; apostrophes can really trip you up the most
(define-test-suite rarest-tests
(let ([c (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)])
(check-equal? (rarest (set "some" "else") c) "else")
(check-equal? (rarest (set "some") c) "some")
(check-false (rarest (set "ummagumma") c))))
(define (word-popularity w c)
(db:query-value (corpus-db c) "SELECT COUNT(log_id) FROM log_word_map WHERE word = ?" w))
(define (corpus-word-count c)
(db:query-value (corpus-db c) "SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT word) FROM log_word_map" ))
(define-test-suite popularity-tests
(check-equal? (word-popularity "frotz" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)) 0)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "else" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)) 1)
;; Note that if a word appears twice or more in a given sentence, we
;; only count it once. No particular reason, except that this seems
;; like it will be easy.
(check-equal? (word-popularity "waka" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)) 1)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "some" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)) 2)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "thing" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)) 2)
(let ([bigger (add-string-to-corpus "Pound cake" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences))])
(check-equal? (word-popularity "frotz" bigger) 0)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "else" bigger) 1)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "some" bigger) 2)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "thing" bigger) 2)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "pound" bigger) 1)
(check-equal? (word-popularity "cake" bigger) 1)))
(define-test-suite incubot-sentence-tests
(let ([corpus (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)])
(define (legitimate-response? thing)
(or (not thing)
(in-corpus? thing corpus)))
(let* ([input-1 "For Phillip Morris ... from Western Union"]
[output-1 (incubot-sentence input-1 corpus)]
[input-2 "I have no words in common with input-1"]
[output-2 (incubot-sentence input-2 corpus)])
(check-not-false (legitimate-response? output-1) )
(check-not-false (legitimate-response? output-2))
;; Since the two input sentences have nothing in common, we should
;; have come up with different outputs for each ... unless we
;; failed to come up with anything for either.
(check-not-false (or (and (not output-1)
(not output-2))
(not (equal? output-1 output-2))))
(incubot-sentence "What else do you want?" (make-test-corpus-from-sentences))
"Some thing else"))))
(define-test-suite lets-tests
(let ([corpus (make-test-corpus-from-sentences
'("Let's start with a capital letter"
"let's ignore case"
(define (try input)
(check-not-false (incubot-sentence input corpus) input))
(try "let's")
(try "Let's")
(try "LET'S")
(check-false (incubot-sentence "Snorgulation" corpus))))
(define-test-suite censorship-tests
(let* ([c (make-test-corpus-from-sentences)]
[original-size (corpus-word-count c)])
(set! c (add-string-to-corpus "This is an inoffensive sentence." c))
(set! c (add-string-to-corpus "By dint of containing the nasty word 'nigger', this is an offensive sentence." c))
(check-equal? (- (corpus-word-count c) original-size)
(define-test-suite all-tests
(define (main . args)
(*incubot-logger* (lambda args (apply fprintf (current-error-port) args) (newline (current-error-port))))
(let ([status (run-tests all-tests 'verbose)])
(when (positive? status)
(exit 1))))
(provide main)
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