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1 parent 0db861e commit 8c54649db28e689418b057710ce5578076f84b89 @offby1 committed Mar 31, 2012
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+[Sat Mar 31 2012]
+<em> rudybot: init racket
+<rudybot> em: your sandbox is ready
+<em> rudybot: eval (date->string (seconds->date 1333210982))
+<rudybot> em: error: reference to an identifier before its definition: date->string in module: 'program
+<em> eval (require date/time)
+<em> rudybot: eval (require date/time)
+<rudybot> em: error: #<undefined>:1:9: date/time: standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found: "date" in any
+ of: (#<path:/mnt/racket-5.2.900.1/collects>) in: date/time
+<em> rudybot: evalu (require racket/date) [16:30]
+<rudybot> em: eval (require racket/date) (date->string (seconds->date (current-seconds)))
+<em> rudybot: eval (require racket/date)
+<rudybot> em: Done.
+<em> rudybot: eval (date->string (seconds->date 1333210982))
+<rudybot> em: error: car: expects argument of type <pair>; given: #f
+<em> that should have worked [16:31]

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