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A place to collect and discuss high level technical decisions
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A place to collect and discuss high level technical decisions

This repository is supposed to contain documents and discussion on high-level technical decisions and design for offen. We want this process to happen publicly from the very beginning, so we can be fully transparent, but we also actively want to solicit the community's opinions and feedback.

So, if you have any idea on how to improve what is being worked on, or you have spotted a potential issue in the existing design, open a pull request or file an issue, and we will be discussing your proposal.

As we are just starting out with building offen, there is no formalized RFC process or format yet, although we might adopt one in the future. Until then, just send your thoughts in whatever format you deem fitting.

The conversation in this repository is supposed to be about high level design decisions, so discussions about choices in languages, frameworks or tooling are considered out of scope.

In the conversation, please adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Using mdbook

A static version of the documents is rendered and deployed using mdbook. After installing the binary using your preferred method, you can start a development server using

mdbook serve


MIT © offen

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