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Teensy Penetration Testing Payload
This Teensy sketch demonstrates the use of NUM / Scroll / CAPS Lock LEDs to communicate
back and forth between a Windows computer and the Teensy. Using this method, we can "check"
for success on execution of scripts, and get the Teensy to react accordingly.
Requires a Teensy with a soldered SD, and optional DIP switch. More details about this can be
found here -
Make sure to choose: Tools-> USB Type -> Disk (SD Card) for the SD to kick in as a USB Storage device.
Will work on an unmodified Teensy. We simply stripped out all the SD card and DIP switch relevant code.
Crude bash script to convert binary files for transfer from the Teensy SD to Windows, using echo commands.
This utility should only be used when you are not mounting the SD Storage as a USB Storage device.
File transfer rate is at around 22 kb/minute. A 100k byte file could take around 5 minutes to be transferred.
Note: This peensy code has been cannibalized from multiple sources, including and not limited to :
-- Social Engineering Toolkit
-- Kautilya
-- IronGeeks PHUKD library
-- Various resources on the net.
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