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Proper MD formatting of Q&A section (#1137)

+ Properly format Q & A section (make 'Q' letters appear bold)
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ChaosCat authored and jcadduono committed Aug 2, 2018
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@@ -19,14 +19,17 @@ We're relying on you, the community, to port your devices for the full Kali NetH

**A** - Yes, check our wiki for more information on supported devices and ROMs

**Q** - What kind of attacks does NetHunter support?

**A** - Our wiki has a list of included attack tools

**Q** - NetHunter is awesome! How do I install it?

**A** - Follow the instructions on the wiki

**Q** - What is the best wireless card for NetHunter?

**A** - A list of supported devices and chipsets is on the wiki

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