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DriveDroid updated from v0.10.39 to v0.10.41


DriveDroid 0.10.41

    Replaced device information emails with webservice
    Added preferences when reporting crashes
    Simplified payment dialogs
    Show payment dialog after hosting images a number of times
    Fixed floating action button being hidden unintentionally
    Fixed crash when parsing init.rc on a couple of phones

DriveDroid 0.10.40

    Fixed FAT formatting when creating images on external media on Android 6+
    Updated image creation GUI to include more of Material design
    Fixed rare crashes when hosting images and root is not available at that time
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kimocoder committed Mar 28, 2017
1 parent dce4364 commit 62bbb5edf1782d2b67fbce73f5c9233f1dd447df
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  1. +1 −1 nethunter-installer/
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ def allapps(forcedown):
['', '8c861c7540e6eeb006070d0f2d80134e75637066591d705b987e164c3fe87521ed694ac844c945eb74449aff8723ff039f793b2e3743aac73865f74bb248edf5'],
['', 'f9db206642e783c478b9ba7a0fbee8a32b78cc6f919eb7a4fdf5e20dcc473e138917d043d3d17b15bd4e6b1fd202f422524085305b3658bd95903a346e8d1abc'],
['', 'f9db206642e783c478b9ba7a0fbee8a32b78cc6f919eb7a4fdf5e20dcc473e138917d043d3d17b15bd4e6b1fd202f422524085305b3658bd95903a346e8d1abc'],
['', 'd7aba2038ce561c03e7763a71467d1423d0aea2747461651707e621312ae02538787b14eef669bf0100b2a7cb34361fbb2172f221db435126b13a5913dfc3907'],
'USBKeyboard': # Feb 3, 2015

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