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If only things were so black and white

Signed-off-by: James Christopher Adduono <>
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jcadduono committed Sep 2, 2017
1 parent 4d6d71b commit e56afb512a2e29fedfacc8fa4ba97a036fe13336
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@@ -481,6 +481,7 @@ def main():
parser.add_argument('--lollipop', '-l', action='store_true', help='Android 5')
parser.add_argument('--marshmallow', '-m', action='store_true', help='Android 6')
parser.add_argument('--nougat', '-n', action='store_true', help='Android 7')
parser.add_argument('--oreo', '-o', action='store_true', help='Android 8')
parser.add_argument('--forcedown', '-f', action='store_true', help='Force redownloading')
parser.add_argument('--uninstaller', '-u', action='store_true', help='Create an uninstaller')
parser.add_argument('--kernel', '-k', action='store_true', help='Build kernel installer only')
@@ -535,10 +536,13 @@ def main():
if args.nougat:
OS = 'nougat'
i += 1
if args.oreo:
OS = 'oreo'
i += 1
if i == 0:
abort('Missing Android version. Available options: --kitkat, --lollipop, --marshmallow, --nougat')
abort('Missing Android version. Available options: --kitkat, --lollipop, --marshmallow, --nougat, --oreo')
elif i > 1:
abort('Select only one Android version: --kitkat, --lollipop, --marshmallow, --nougat')
abort('Select only one Android version: --kitkat, --lollipop, --marshmallow, --nougat, --oreo')

if args.rootfs and not (args.rootfs == 'full' or args.rootfs == 'minimal'):
abort('Invalid Kali rootfs size. Available options: --rootfs full, --rootfs minimal')

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