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[OnePlus5 OOS] Ramdisk for HID

This is an assumption that LineageOS kept the same usb configfs and usb init files as OOS.  I think its a pretty safe assumption.

Signed-off-by: binkybear <>
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binkybear committed Sep 24, 2017
1 parent 1d387b8 commit f82ffd903995871ee9bd163a374eee6c6ba6bfce
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jcadduono replied Oct 4, 2017

why not just create init.hid.usb.rc and include additional contents added to both files in that then make something like patch.d/05-usbhid that contains

. "$env"

import_rc init.hid.usb.rc

assuming the only area you modified was additions and not modified lines or deletions, then you shouldn't have to worry about differing usb init rcs =)


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nethunteros replied Oct 4, 2017

Yes, thats probably a better idea. For the testing it was easier to use the ones that similar in order to mirror it.

I think in the future we will probably want to add more than just HID to configfs (looking at you cdrom). So it might be good to have a generic one also for configs.

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