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OFFENSIVE360 SAST Eclipse Plugin

Plugin Requirements

  • Install a compatible Eclipse IDE
  • Java 17.0.* is required

Plugin Installation

  • Goto Help->Eclipse MarketPlace to enter plugin marketplace.
  • Search for "O360 SAST" and install the plugin.

Plugin Manual Installation

  • Goto Help->Install New Software to enter plugin installation page
  • Now copy below link and paste it to the field
  • Plugin Update Site link
  • Now you will be able to see O360 SAST feature click on it and install
  • Uncheck check for updates checkbox before installing

    Update site zip file installation

  • you can download this repo
  • After downloading follow above manual installation steps
  • Now instead of link click on Add > Local > Browse Update site file downloaded Zip file

Server Configuration

In offensive360 bottom tool bar click on settings Icon or CTRL+ALT+D which will ask you server details.
  • SERVER_URL : Host Address of the offensive360 api which will be provided by admin.
  • AUTH_TOKEN : Authentication Token provided by admin.
  • Invalid details will not allow a scan to run

Running A Scan

Now click on Scan Icon or CTRL+ALT+S which run scan on project source code and shows results.
Right Click on File Popup Menu to run scan from there.


Right click on any vulnerability to get menu where you can

1.Go To Code Double click on vulenrability to navigate to vulnerability
2.Suppress False positive Vulnerabilities
3.Get Help with references for the vulnerability
4.Clear All vulnerabilities upon confirmation.

Let's find the vulnerabilities in one scan


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