R code, election results, and shapefiles used to visualize the Chicago mayoral election on Feb 22, 2001.
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Support scripts for blog post about election visualization of chicago mayoral race 2011. 
Mapping Blog URL: http://offensivepolitics.net/blog/2011/02/mapping-the-20…cratic-primary/
Precincts-votes curve: http://offensivepolitics.net/blog/2011/02/more-chicago-mayoral-analaysis/

=Scraping data=
To scrape precinct level results you can run the included scraper.rb. This will produce a precincts.csv file in the local directory. The scraper relies on ruby 1.8 and FasterCSV. The data is scraped directly from the chicago board of elections. 

To generate the maps you'll need to have a recent (2.10 or greater) install of R and the following packages: 
 - maptools
 - ggplot2
 - RGDal (probably optional )
 - RColorBrewer

The precinct level shapefiles were pulled from the city of chicago GIS site and are stored in the Precincts subdirectory. Big thanks to them for having accurate precinct-level shapefiles readily accessibly. 
The R code uses ggplot to actually create the graphics, and was heavily based off an entry in the ggplot wiki (https://github.com/hadley/ggplot2/wiki/plotting-polygon-shapefiles). Thanks to whomever put that together. 

== Precincts - Votes Curve ==

The precincts votes curves are a modified plot of a kernel density estimator on candidate vote share per precinct. These curves are a modified Seats-Votes curve taken from various literature and based on Prof Jackman's PSCL package (http://pscl.stanford.edu/).
The blog post describing these curves is located at: http://offensivepolitics.net/blog/2011/02/more-chicago-mayoral-analaysis/