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Get Involved


This site was built to share our minds' creations. To post funny images, drawn on the white-boards around openspaces or at coffee-points, or caricatures, depicted during the lengthy boring meetings.

Usually, coming to the office in the morning, I draw something very simple on the coffee-point's wall (it is coated with special film and drawable from floor to the ceiling). During the day, my colleagues add more details, and at in the evening we have an interesting picture.

How to participate in this blog

This blog was built on a technological platform. It uses GitHub as a hosting. It will be easy to any software developer, to post new images using familiar actions chain: Fork, Hack, Send Pull Request. Most active contributors will be added to the team and have access to push their changes right into the main repository.

If you are not a software developer, or don't want to bother with git, then you could just send me an email with image, it's title and office's name.

Some technical details

As I said, this blog is hosted on a GitHub. It is built using Jekyll static generator and Twitter Bootstrap CSS/JS framework. Also, it uses jQuery and some jquery plugins.


WARNING: posting images to this blog means that you agree with publishing them under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

##Keep doodling!