HackerRank Submissions (Purely Java)
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Solution to all problems I solved in Hackerrank. Please feel free to use.

My primary choice of programming langauge is Java. All the code you find here would mostly be written in Java.

Why duplicating it here?

HackerRank already has a repository where users submission is saved. If someone wants to view the submitted code of a user, they can view it at a cost. Currently the cost is to ignore that submission from the ranking. Tomorrow it might be their Hackos.

  • Not everyone wants it, so may be this is a better solution.
  • Also, It is very much possible to see a complete view of all the submissions here on one page. If I want that on HackerRank, I have to go to all the problems one by one, and then see its unnecessary clicks (I am lazy to do that).
  • I love Github.


Use this code as you want it. You can modify, distribute and share partial or complete code without requiring any specific permissions from the author. Cheers!! However, a small acknowledgement or mention would be great. :)