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Officine Robotiche uBridge PCB

The first DC motor board in 4cm X 4cm - PCB boards for uBridge

This is a project in development by Officine Robotiche team.

###Join on open firmware project uNAV.X!!!

uBridge PCB Top uBridge PCB Bottom uBridge Silkscreen Top uBridge Silkscreen Bottom

Hardware features

  • 2 x A4950 Full-Bridge DMOS PWM Motor Driver
    • Up to 3,5A and 40V input ( limited at 23V if used with uNav )
    • Short circuit protected
    • Over Temperature protected
  • 2 x ACS712 Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor IC
    • ±5A Full-Scale input Range with 185mV/A variation
    • 2,5V output @ 0.0A
  • 2 connector for Encoder with Gnd, Vcc, ChA, ChB, Chz signal.
  • 4 LED on outupt of H-Bridge.
  • Protection diode on input.
  • size: 4cm x 4cm uNav stackable.
  • Matrix board with holes 2.54mm compliant.

Available Shields