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Intelligently copy an Ember Data model and all of its relationships


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Ember Data Copyable

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Intelligently copy an Ember Data model and all of its relationships


  • Shallow & deep copy an Ember Data model
  • Shallow & deep copy model relationships
  • Handles cyclical relationships
  • Handles custom transforms to create true copies
  • Overwrite, ignore attributes, and copy objects by reference
  • Intelligent failure and cleanup
  • Uses ember-concurrency to allow cancelling a copy task


ember install ember-data-copyable

Helpful Links

Looking for help?

If it is a bug please open an issue on GitHub.


This addon provides a Copyable mixin which allows you to copy a model. To get started, just import the mixin and add it to your model.

// models/user.js

import DS from 'ember-data';
import Copyable from 'ember-data-copyable';

export default DS.Model.extend(Copyable, {
  guid: DS.attr('number'),
  firstName: DS.attr('string'),
  lastName: DS.attr('string'),
  address: DS.belongsTo('address'),
  friends: DS.hasMany('user'),

  // Specific copy options for the model
  copyableOptions: {}

In your model you can specify default options via the copyableOptions object. Please see options for more details.

Copying Relationships

To copy a model's relationship, that relational model must have the Copyable mixin or else it will just be copied by reference.


Once the model is setup, we can use the copy method on an instance to duplicate it.

Copy Method Signature

async function copy(deep = false, options = {}) {}
  • deep : Boolean

    If false a shallow copy of the model's attributes will be created. All relationships will be copied over by reference.

    If true, a deep copy of the model and it's relationships will be created. If a relational model has the Copyable mixin, it will also be deep copied.

  • options : Object

    Copy options. See options for more details.

    NOTE: Options passed into the copy method take precedence over those specified on the model.

Returns a cancelable promise like ember-concurrency TaskInstance.


Normal Usage

const model = this.get('store').peekRecord('user', 1);

  .copy(true, {
    ignoreAttributes: ['guid'],
    copyByReference: ['address'],
    overwrite: {
      id: 2,
      firstName: 'Offir'
    copy => {
      // Handle success
    e => {
      // Handle error or cancellation

Task Cancellation

Since the copy method returns an ember-concurrency TaskInstance, we have the ability to cancel a running copy task at any time.

const model = this.get('store').peekRecord('user', 1);
const copyTaskInstance = model.copy(true);

// Cancel our copy task


These options can either be specified via the copyableOptions object on the DS.Model class or passed into the copy method.


Attributes to ignore when copying.

ignoreAttributes: ['guid', 'address'];


Other attributes to copy over that are not defined via DS.attr, DS.belongsTo, or DS.hasMany.

otherAttributes: ['timestamp', 'someFlag'];


Attributes to copy only by reference. If the attribute has the Copyable mixin, it will be ignored and not be copied, just copied by reference.

copyByReference: ['friends'];


Overwrite attributes with the specified values. This will also add properties that are not found on the model.

overwrite: {
  id: 2,
  firstName: 'Offir - Copy',
  address: this.get('store').createRecord('address', { /* ... */ }),
  unknownProperty: 'Foo Bar'


Specify options to nested models. Nested relationships options can also include a deep option. If set to false, the relationship will be shallow copied.

relationships: {
  address: {
    ignoreAttributes: ['streetName'],
    overwrite: {
      state: 'CA'
  friends: {
    copyByReference: ['address']
  profile: {
    deep: false