pypi2nix = pypi + magic + nix
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pypi2nix = pypi + magic + nix

A tool that generates nix python packages, so you don't have to.

[Don't write them by hand :)][0]


pypi2nix was created as standalone tool, so you don't need nix, you just need the right interpreters installed, so they are used when generating packages.

To install, simply:

$ python install

If you are using nix:

$ nix-env -i pypi2nix


usage: ..pypi2nix-wrapped-wrapped [-h] [--update] [--verbose] [--envs ENVS]
                                  [--enabled-envs ENABLED_ENVS]
                                  [--extra EXTRA] [--test-extra TEST_EXTRA]
                                  [--cache-root CACHE_ROOT]
                                  [--download-cache-root DOWNLOAD_CACHE_ROOT]
                                  [--overrides OVERRIDES]
                                  [--test-profile TEST_PROFILE]
                                  input output

pypi2nix, dont write them by hand :)

positional arguments:
  input                 Input json or file
  output                Output nix file (default stdout)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --update              Ignores cache and updates all packages
  --verbose             Be verbose
  --envs ENVS           Comma separated list of environments in format:
                        name|path|python_path (default: PYTHON_ENVS or current
  --enabled-envs ENABLED_ENVS
                        Comma separated names of list of enabled environments
                        (default: ENABLED_ENVS or all avalible environments)
  --extra EXTRA         Comma separated list of additional extra
  --test-extra TEST_EXTRA
                        Comma separated test extras to use (default: "test",
                        "tests", "testing", "_tests_require",
                        "_setup_requires", "_test_suite"
  --cache-root CACHE_ROOT
                        Root of the cache (default: ~/.pip-tools)
  --download-cache-root DOWNLOAD_CACHE_ROOT
                        Root of the download cache (default: ~/.pip-
  --overrides OVERRIDES
                        Package overrides (default:
  --test-profile TEST_PROFILE
                        Profile used for generating tests (all, top_level or
                        none, default: top_level)

Input format

Pypi2nix format speciffication:

  - alias name and package specification -
      |--> { name: "simple-package", spec: "simple-package", envs: [ "python2.7" ] }

  - or -

    - alias name and package specification if spec not set -
    "name": "complex-package",

    - packages speciffication (optional, default takes name as spec) -
    "spec": "complex-package==1.0",

    - overrides this package (optional) -
    "override": {
      "src": "{{ spec.pinned }}.tar.gz", <- override src

      "new_deps": [ "package-dep-B==2.0", ... ], <- redefine dependencies

      "append_deps": [  "package-dep-B==2.0", ... ], <- append dependencies

      "replace_deps": { <- replace dependencies
        "package-dep-C": "package-dep-B[extra]"

      - picks dependencies (optional) -
      "versions": "complex-package-dep-A==1.0.0", <- requirements versions
      - or -
      "versions": "(file|http|https)_://<url>.txt", <- requirements file
      - or -
      "versions": ["(file|http|https)_://<url>.txt", extra] <- requirements file + extra
      - or -
      "versions": "(file|http|https)_://<url>.cfg", <- buildout file
      - or -
      "versions": [
        "complex-package-dep==1.0.0", <- requirements versions
        "(file|http|https)_://<url>.txt", <- requirements file
        ["(file|http|https)_://<url>.txt", "extra"], <- requirements file + extra
        "(file|http|https)_://<url>.cfg", <- buildout file


    - overrides this package or dependant packages (optional) -
    "overrides": {
      "complex-package-dep-A": <override> ++ {
        "spec": "<spec>" <- replace this dependency

    - defines interpreters to use and per environment options (optional) -
    "envs": [ "python2.7", "pypy" ],
    - or -
    "envs": {
      "python2.7": "complex-package-A",
      - or -
      "pypy": {
        "spec": "complex-package[pypy]", <- define extra
        "override": <override>,
        "overrides": <overrides>

This input format was designed to support both, compactness and expressability, because you will need it.

Internal format:

    "python2.7": [
            "name": "simple-package",
            "spec": "simple-package"
            "name": "complex-package",
            "spec": "complex-package",
            "versions": "complex-package-dep-A==1.0.0"
    "pypy": [
            "name": "complex-package",[ "Plone-5.0", "zope.interface-4.4", ... ]
            "spec": "complex-package[pypy]",
            "versions": "complex-package-dep-A==1.0.0"


$ python test


  • Buildout verion parsing support
  • Differential package generation (suggestion from @garbas)
  • Better test coverage
  • Detection and repair of dependency cycles
  • Better caching support using something like dogpile.cache
  • Parallel package generation support