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prepare for spectacularly broken shit! you've been warned :) also check sersh's fork if you like darker themes

Browser css

Forked from and entirely inspired by the brilliant Flèche theme by hdni.


  • Install the Stylish extension.
  • Install the FXChrome theme.
  • Install the Vertical Tabs extension.
  • Install the Moveable Firefox button extension.
  • Go to your Add-ons Manager, select the User Styles page and then write a new style.
  • Give the style a name and paste the contents of fbchan.userchrome.css
  • Seriously restart firefox if it looks wrong. If it still looks wrong after that, I guess you can bug in a desktop thread on 4chan/g/ if you see me

note: Lesschrome is no longer a requirement. the close button addon can look nice with some setups though

intended results

intended results!

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