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Havana syndrome

A study ordered by the Canadian government finds that exposure to anti-mosquito fumigation, which contains cholinesterase-inhibiting neurotoxins, coincides with brain damage causing the same symptoms as those associated with the syndrome.


The UK Supreme Court finishes hearing arguments on the lawfulness of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament. The court states it expects to rule next week. It is jointly considering appeals against two rulings. One, made by the High Court in London under English law, ruled prorogation was an entirely political decision over which courts had no jurisdiction. The other, made by the Court of Session in Edinburgh under Scots law, ruled Johnson acted unlawfully and the prorogation was a nullity that must be reversed.


Interpol reports that in six weeks it has detected more than a dozen people wanted for terrorism offences crossing the Mediterranean Sea using tourist routes. The joint operation involved Algeria, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and Tunisia.

Fukushima nuclear disaster

The only prosecution concerning the 2011 nuclear catastrophe ends with the acquittal of three former Tepco executives. The decision means nobody has been held criminally responsible for the meltdown. Greenpeace says the verdict is not very surprising, since the case was "hugely political".


Citing "influence operations against the United States," the U.S. expels two Cuban diplomats at the United Nations. Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla dismisses the accusations as "vulgar slander."

United States Department of State

The United States Department of State withholds US$160 million in direct aid to Afghanistan, citing "Afghan Government corruption and financial mismanagement."


Austrian MPs vote to demand a government veto on a proposed trade deal between the European Union and South American trade group Mercosur. The deal is the result of 20 years of negotiations. France and Ireland have previously threatened to also veto the deal unless Mercosur member Brazil increases efforts to fight ongoing Amazon rainforest wildfires.

European migrant crisis

France and Italy call for a new system to redistribute immigrants to the European Union amid an ongoing increase in the numbers arriving, complaining of unfair demands being placed upon nations where immigrants make landfall.


An F-16 fighter jet of the Belgian Air Component strikes a house before crashing into a field near Pluvigner, north-west France. Both pilots eject and escape with minor injuries, but one gets his parachute entangled in high-voltage power lines, requiring two hours to rescue.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Over the last three days, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York adds more than US$200 billion liquidity to the money market, countering a spike in the repo rate on Tuesday.


UK-based travel agent Thomas Cook is reported to be attempting to sell assets as it seeks to prevent its collapse. The group employs 20,000 people and, were it to collapse, approximately 150,000 customers currently abroad would require repatriation assistance from the Civil Aviation Authority in the largest peacetime operation of its kind.

Chief financial officer

A German magazine reports that the chief financial officer of automobile manufacturer BMW, Nicolas Peter, plans to cut between 5 and 6 thousand jobs at that company, mostly at the Munich headquarters, before 2022.

War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

According to Afghan officials, a Taliban truck bomb outside a hospital in Qalat, Zabul Province kills more than 30 people. The Taliban say they targeted a National Directorate of Security building nearby.

War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

According to Afghan officials, a U.S. drone strike kills more than 30 pine nut farm workers in Nangarhar Province. The U.S. military say they targeted ISIL terrorists.


The New Cold War

The world we knew from the stories of our parents is coming back to haunt us.


Cabinet of Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump appoints attorney and former U.S. State Department hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien as his new National Security Advisor.

Crisis in Venezuela

The Human Rights Watch NGO publishes details of what it deems to be arbitrary executions and arrests in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government alleges that most of those listed in the report were armed criminals, but admits that it had placed several hundred security agents under investigation for abuses of power and extrajudicial actions.

2019 Samoa assassination plot

Prosecutiors in the case of the latest attempt to kill Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi announce that Eletise Leafa Vitale, convicted of the assassination of one of Malielegoai's Cabinet members in another failed attempt at killing him in 1999, will testify in the trial against the conspirators of this year's plot.

Solomon Islands–United States relations

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence cancels a meeting with Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in response to the country's move to cut ties with Taiwan and establish relations with China.

2019 Persian Gulf crisis

Saudi Arabia joins the International Maritime Security Construct.

Twin Otter

A Twin Otter cargo plane carrying rice and four people goes missing shortly after its departure from Timika, Indonesia.


At least 27 people, a majority of them children, are killed in a fire caused by an electrical problem at a boarding school in a suburb near the Liberian capital of Monrovia.

2019 Japan–South Korea trade dispute

South Korea officially removes Japan from its "whitelist" of countries with fast-track trade status.

Day Before Yesterday

2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis

The Venezuelan secret service releases National Assembly Vice President Edgar Zambrano. The Nicolás Maduro government says his release comes after a partial compromise with members of Juan Guaidó's opposition government to live peacefully; Guaidó says the Maduro government has been forced to release him under international human rights pressure.

September 2019 Israeli legislative election

The Arab-dominated Joint List is projected to win between 13 and 15 seats, its highest showing ever. Yisrael Beiteinu, lead by former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, is expected to play kingmaker.

September 2019 Israeli legislative election

Israeli voters head to the polls after the last election failed to form a government. Exit polls show the incumbent right-wing Likud barely losing to the centrist Blue and White alliance.

April 2019 Spanish general election

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, after failing to achieve support from the Unidas Podemos alliance, announces the calling for a snap election on 10 November, which would be the fourth general election in 4 years.


The UK Supreme Court begins considering the lawfulness of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament. It is jointly considering two appeals. One is against a ruling by the High Court under English law that the issue is solely a matter for the Prime Minister and one the courts do not have jurisdiction over. The other is against a ruling by the Court of Session under Scots law declaring the suspension unlawful and a nullity, and requiring Johnson to recall Parliament.

Donald Trump impeachment hearings

Amid a gag order from the White House, impeachment hearings begin at the United States House Committee on the Judiciary.

2019 Abqaiq–Khurais attack

An anonymous U.S. official says the United States is certain that the attack was launched from Iranian territory and that it involved cruise missiles.

Foreign relations of Taiwan

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen regrets and strongly condemns the move by the Solomon Islands to cut ties with Taiwan and establish relations with China.

Fabio Buzzi

Italian champion speedboat designer and racer Fabio Buzzi and two other racers are killed when their boat, attempting to set a new Monte Carlo-to-Venice record in the Assonautica Italiana race, crashes into a sunken, flood-barrier dam near the finish line. A fourth racer is in hospital with serious injuries.

2019 Atlantic hurricane season

Tropical Storm Imelda makes landfall in Texas, threatening severe flash flooding throughout Eastern Texas and the Houston area.

Islamic terrorism in Europe

An Italian soldier in Milan was stabbed in the neck and in the back with a pair of scissors by a man. He was arrested after the stabbing, which was described as a terrorist attack linked to Islamic extremism. The soldier survived the attack.

17 September 2019 Afghanistan bombings

Suicide bombings in Afghanistan kill 48 people including civilians and soldiers. The first is in Charikar at a rally for Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan. The second is in Kabul near the U.S. embassy.

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