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Android Lint Plugin

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Contributions are welcome. Join the effort !


This plugin enhances the Java Plugin by providing the ability to import the Android Lint reports. The idea is to visualize Android Lint errors directly in Sonar.


  • Most Android projects are compiled with Gradle, so if this is the case use the SonarQube Scanner for Gradle to analyse your Android project
  • Tune the SonarQube quality profile by activating the Android Lint rules on which you'd like to see some issues reported into SonarQube
  • Configure the Gradle project to execute the Android Lint engine before launching the SonarQube analysis
  • Define in the Gradle project the property (default value points to : build/outputs/lint-results.xml) to specify the path to the Android Lint report
  • Run your Analyzer command from the project root dir
  • Follow the link provided at the end of the analysis to browse your project's quality in SonarQube UI (see: Browsing SonarQube)

A sample project is available on GitHub, can be browsed an be downloaded: /projects/languages/android/android-sonarqube-runner

Compiling and Installing the plugin:

  • Install maven
  • Clone the repository
  • Compile and test the code, then generate the jar: -> run "mvn clean install" command in your terminal
  • copy the jar (in the new generated target folder) in <path_to_your_sonar_install>/extensions/plugins folder,
  • restart sonar

Running an analyse:

  1. On a Maven project
  • mvn sonar:sonar -Dsonar.profile="Android Lint" in your project
  1. On another project using sonar-runner
  • Add this property to your -> sonar.profile=Android Lint


Extension plugin for Android Lint in SonarQube






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