A set of examples that uses Libfabric
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Fabtests provides a set of examples that uses libfabric -- a high-performance fabric software library.


Note that the fabtests suite is released paired with a specific version of libfabric. For example, libfabric v1.4 and fabtests v1.4 were released together.

Using these paired versions is the best way to test a given version of libfabric. Using version-mismatched libfabric/fabtests pairs may produce unexpected results.

Building fabtests

Distribution tarballs are available from the Github releases tab.

If you are building Fabtests from a developer Git clone, you must first run the autogen.sh script. This will invoke the GNU Autotools to bootstrap Fabtests' configuration and build mechanisms. If you are building Fabtests from an official distribution tarball, there is no need to run autogen.sh; Fabtests distribution tarballs are already bootstrapped for you.

Fabtests relies on being able to find an installed version of Libfabric. In some cases, Libfabric may be in default compiler / linker search paths, and you don't need to tell Fabtests where to find it. In other cases, you may need to tell Fabtests where to find the installed Libfabric's header and library files using the --with-libfabric=<directory> option, described below.

Configure options

The configure script has many built in options (see ./configure --help). Some useful options are:


By default make install will place the files in the /usr tree. The --prefix option specifies that the Fabtests files should be installed into the tree specified by named <directory>. The executables will be located at <directory>/bin.


Specify the directory where the Libfabric library and header files are located. This is necessary if Libfabric was installed in a location where the compiler and linker will not search by default. The Libfabric library will be searched for in <directory>/lib, and headers will be searched for in <directory>/include.


Directory where valgrind is installed. If valgrind is found, then valgrind annotations are enabled. This may incur a performance penalty.


Consider the following example:

$ ./configure --with-libfabric=/opt/libfabric --prefix=/opt/fabtests && make -j 32 && sudo make install

This will tell the Fabtests to look for Libfabric libraries in the /opt/libfabric tree, and to install the Fabtests in the /opt/fabtests tree.


$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/fabtests && make -j 32 && sudo make install

Tells the Fabtests that it should be able to find the Libfabric header files and libraries in default compiler / linker search paths (configure will abort if it is not able to find them), and to install Fabtests in /opt/fabtests.