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Generate .epub files directly from OrgMode. This will export EPUB version 2, which should give broad compatibility. It should also be relatiely easy to convert the resulting .epub to a .mobi (Kindle).


This depends on Emacs 24.3 and OrgMode 9, it won’t work on OrgMode 8 or any version of Emacs before 24.3.

You will also need a working version of the zip utility.


If you have MELPA stable activated, it is as simple as this:

M-x package-install RET ox-epub RET


See the sample directory for a sample of what ox-epub can do.

Hit C-c C-e E e to publish the current buffer to an EPUB.

There are some required export options that need to be set. These are

  • UID a unique id of the document, otherwise known as uri, may be a url
  • DATE the date of the document, for valid values see
  • AUTHOR the document author or editor, the creator in the EPUB spec
  • TITLE the document title

Furthermore there are some properties which are optional:

  • Subject the subject matter of the book
  • Description a description of the book
  • Publisher the publisher of the book
  • License the rights associated with this book, the copyright notice and further rights may be included in this option.

The only other option that is exported:

  • LANGUAGE the language of the book, this is to be interpreted according to RFC3066 or it’s succeeding documents, no other interpretations are allowed according to the EPUB spec.


Currently ox-epub can do the following:

  • simple cover images
  • inclusion of png and jpg images
  • export of mathematical formulas
  • direct .epub generation
  • add stylesheets to your liking: Use the EPUBSTYLE property to add a list of stylesheets and customize html-head-include-default-style to toggle inclusion of the default stylesheet.


  • Mathematical formulas only export well if you use the dvipng backend. dvipng should be included in TeXlive.
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