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What is it?

This is a custom backend that uses rmapi to print files from your local Linux desktop directly to the remarkable cloud.


This contains a .drv file that is compiled to result in the .ppd file. This driver/filter presents the remarkable as a PDF device and sets the page size. C.f. Ghostscript docs and ppdc, a tool that Ghostscript ships. To compile the driver:

ppdc remarkable.drv

Place the resulting .ppd somewhere where cups can find it.

Adapt the path to rmapi in remarkable.sh to your needs and make sure the user cups executes this script with has the corresponding .rmapi credentials in their $HOME/.

Now copy remarkable.sh into /usr/lib/cups/backend and rename it to just remarkable.

Create your printer and you should be good. The backend takes a URL like remarkable:/Print/Home as a parameter. It will push all your files into the folder secified in that URL.

lpadmin -D 'my remarkable' -v -E remarkable:/Print/Home


The cups user needs permissions to connect to the internet. This might need adjustments to the Cups config, or you might need to run the script with a custom user. If you run as a custom user, you might need to adapt the path to rmapi.