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A substitute for GameSpy's master server.

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A substitute for GameSpy's master server.

The goal of this project is to create a master server, which picks up the pieces that GameSpy leaves behind on May 31.2014. It won't be a fully qualified replacement of GameSpy's master server, with all the different services and features, though. Actually it will be a very limited version, with the main focus on serving game server IPs.

This project currently evolves around and is driven by a single game: Arma:Cold War Assault, but I'll try to design it as game-independent as possible, with the intention to have it expanded for other games as well.

For the beginning, only the GameSpy protocol 1 will be supported and therefore only games which use that one. I tried to allow a game to define what protocol it is using, but this makes the whole code completly complicated, which made me fail so far. Once everything is up and running as planned, I might get back to adding support for the other protocols.


A substitute for GameSpy's master server.






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