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Open-Knesset fabfile. Usage:
$ fab [staging|production] setup deploy # for the first time
$ fab [staging|production] deploy # to run the latest version
# Default release is 'current'
config.release = 'current'
config.repository = 'git://'
def staging():
"""Staging server settings"""
config.settings = 'tuzig_staging'
config.path = '/home/daonb/sites/staging.Open-Knesset'
config.fab_hosts = ['']
config.fab_user = 'daonb'
def live():
"""Production server settings"""
config.settings = 'tuzig'
config.path = '/home/daonb/sites/Open-Knesset'
config.fab_hosts = ['']
config.fab_user = 'daonb'
def setup():
Setup a fresh env and install everything we need so it's ready to deploy to
run('mkdir -p $(path); mkdir $(path)/releases')
def deploy():
"""Deploy the latest version of the site to the server and restart apache"""
def clone_repo():
"""Do initial clone of the git repo"""
run('cd $(path); git clone $(repository) repository')
run ('python')
def checkout_latest():
"""Pull the latest code into the git repo and copy to a timestamped release directory"""
import time
config.release = time.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S')
run('cd $(path)/repository; git pull;')
run('cp -R $(path)/repository $(path)/releases/$(release)')
run('rm -rf $(path)/releases/$(release)/.git*')
def install_env():
"""Install the required packages using buildout"""
run('cd $(path)/repository; bin/buildout')
def symlink_current_release():
"""Symlink our current release, uploads and settings file"""
run('cd $(path); rm project; ln -s releases/current project; rm releases/current; ln -s $(release) releases/current')
run('cd $(path)/project/src/knesset; ln -s settings_$(settings).py', fail='ignore')
def migrate():
"""Run our migrations"""
run('cd $(path)/releases/current; bin/django syncdb --noinput')
run('cd $(path)/releases/current; bin/django update_index --noinput')
# for south: run('cd $(path)/project; bin/django syncdb --noinput --migrate')
def refresh_server():
"""Restart the web server"""
sudo('touch $(path)/project/deploy/')
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