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remove xml from api v2 formats, because it becomes default, due to br…

…owswers sending accept:xml header, and we don't have lxml installed on the servers.
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1 parent 6b6038e commit bd2a81da3133b9f18d29bb434016d7b618e4c61f @ofri committed Apr 3, 2013
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2 apis/resources/
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class Meta:
cache = SimpleCache()
throttle = SmartCacheThrottle(throttle_at=60, timeframe=60)
serializer = IterJSONAndCSVSerializer(
- formats=['json', 'jsonp', 'xml', 'csv'])
+ formats=['json', 'jsonp', 'csv'])
def _get_list_fields(self, request):
"""Helper to return list and extra fields for list mode.

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