A d3.js solar system simulator
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An interactive Solar System simulator (a.k.a. Orrery) implemented with D3.js and three.js. Shows planets with images and trajectories, as well as small bodies as dots. Optional scacecraft with images and trajectories.


//Default configuration (in so far it is implemented)
var settings = {
  width: 0,            // Default width; 0 = full width of parent
  height: 0,           // Default height; 0 = full height of parent
  date: true,          // Show date on map with date picker on click
  dateformat: "%Y-%m-%d",  // Date format (see [d3.js time format](https://github.com/d3/d3-time-format/blob/master/README.md#timeFormat)
  container: "orrery-map",    // ID of parent element, e.g. div
  datapath: "data/",   // Path/URL to data files, empty = subfolder 'data'
  imagepath: "images/",   // Path/URL to image files, empty = subfolder 'images'

// Diplay todays positions with above configuration
Orrery.display(settings, new Date());


JSON data files

  • planets.json All the official planets, plus Pluto, with orbital elements from JPL Solar System Dynamics
  • sbo.json Small bodies throughout the Solar System, including Asteroids and Transneptunian objects down to 12th absolute magnitude, orbital elemnts from the IAU Minor Planet Center
  • probes.json Spacecraft elements, mostly from JPL Horizons

Thanks to Mike Bostock for D3.js and Project Pluto for the Kepler equation algoritm

Released under BSD License