Accessibility tool to help developers understand how colorblind users experience their website.
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Colorblindly is an extension that helps developers create websites for the people with colorblindness by allowing them to simulate the experience those users have on websites.

The extension works by placing a CSS filter over the webpage that modifies color ratios in line with actual types of colorblindness.

There are 8 different settings to experience:

  • Blue Cone Monochromacy / Achromatomaly
  • Monochromacy / Achromatopsia
  • Green-Weak / Deuteranomaly
  • Green-Blind / Deuteranopia
  • Red-Weak / Protanomaly
  • Red-Blind / Protanopia
  • Blue-Weak / Tritanomaly
  • Blue-Blind / Tritanopia

Colorblind Statistics, courtesy of Wikipedia

Getting Started

Install the extension from the Chrome store here

Or clone the repository and add to Chrome as an unpacked extension.

Currently this is a Google Chrome-only extension.


Feel free to make a pull request with your feature, following our OR submit an issue and we'll try to make it happen.




This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.



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  • National Eye Institute