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  1. Cross-browser polyfill for navigator.hardwareConcurrency

    JavaScript 286 30

  2. oftn-bot Public

    State of the art IRC bot library & bot for Node.js

    JavaScript 90 28

  3. zerodrop Public

    A stealth URL toolkit optimized for bypassing censorship filters and/or dropping malware

    Go 85 10

  4. lic Public

    A scriptable IRC client in Node.js with a central hub that maintains a persistent connection for you.

    JavaScript 15 1

  5. TPFS Public

    Forked from devyn/TPFS

    Tagged plain file system in which a file can only have multiple tags and nothing more.

    Haskell 13 1

  6. suit-js Public

    A slick user-interface toolkit created in JavaScript for use with HTML5 canvas.

    JavaScript 10 1


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