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Zerodrop 🕵️

A utility for private redirects and proxies that disappear after certain conditions are met.

Live demo

A live demo is available at this


  • Web interface for creating resources
  • Create proxies and redirections for a given URL
  • Upload files or manually enter content in a textarea
  • Access control
  • Expire access to a resource after number of downloads
  • Block or allow access based on IP address
  • Block or allow access based on IP network
  • Block or allow access based on GeoIP location
  • Block or allow access based on hostname matching (w/ regex)
  • Publish "secret" pages with UUID generation
  • Self-destruct action which removes and kills running binary; configurable.


The blacklist syntax is similar to that of gitignore. An optional prefix ! which negates the pattern can be used for whitelisting.


  1. Match All [*] (Useful for creating a whitelist)
  2. Match IP [e.g. or 2001:db8::68]
  3. Match IP Network [e.g.: or ::1/128]
  4. Match Hostname [e.g.]
  5. Match Hostname RegExp [e.g.: ~ .*\.cox\.net]
  6. Match Geofence [e.g.: @ 39.377297 -74.451082 (7km)]
  7. Match database [e.g. db datacenters or db tor]


For example to only allow from local:

# This strange blacklist only allows access from localhost and google bots
! ::1  # Allow localhost
! ~ .*\.google(bot)?\.com$


A @ prefix is for targeted geofencing, i.e., @ lat lng (optional radius). The default radius is 25m. For example to block Atlantic City:

@ 39.377297 -74.451082 (7km)
Unit Symbol
meter m
kilometer km
mile mi
feet ft

Regular Expression

A ~ prefix indicates a hostname regular expression match.
~ (.*)\.shady\.com # Block subdomains of shady


A rule that begins with "db " will be matched with a database by name, e.g., !db tor to whitelist Tor exit nodes. The database file must be specified in the config.

    cloudflare: cloudflare.csv
    datacenters: datacenters.csv
    tor: torexitnodes.csv

The format of the CSV file is specified by ipcat rules.