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# Unix or TCP socket to listen for web requests
listen: 8080
# Group of the Unix socket
group: www-data
# Root of the publicly facing web server to prepend links
base: /
# A secret used to sign authorization tokens
authsecret: "ggVUtPQdIL3kuMSeHQgn7PW9nv3XuJBp"
# The SHA-256 hash of the password to gain admin access
authdigest: 11a55ac5de2beb9146e01386dd978a13bb9b99388f5eb52e37f69a32e3d5f11e
# The MaxMind GeoDB used for geofencing
geodb: GeoLite2-City.mmdb
# The databases to include for categorical blacklisting
datacenters: ../ipcat/datacenters.csv
tor: ../ipcat/tor.csv
# The directory to upload files to
uploaddirectory: ./uploads/
# The permissions to set for file uploads
uploadpermissions: 0600
# The maximum form and file upload size in bytes
uploadmaxsize: 1000000
# Boolean value inidicating whether everyone has can manage their own entries
public: false
# Regular expression to match entry name against to disallow
disallow: ^(admin|.well-known|sitemap.xml)
# Whether to allow self-destruct
enable: false
# Entry name to use to initiate a self-destruct
keyword: \U0001f4a3
# Besides the uploads directory and binary,
# The list of files to delete upon self-destruct
files: []
# The number of levels of internal redirects to allow for the Redirect On Deny
# feature. This is to prevent infinite loops.
redirectlevels: 128
# Set to the fields provided by reCAPTCHA v2 "I am not a robot" widget
sitekey: ""
secretkey: ""
# Database connection information
driver: sqlite3
source: zerodrop.db