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Ultimate Terrains Extensions

Ultimate Terrains Extensions is a collection of Nodes, Operations and Voxel Type Functions that can be used with Ultimate Terrains for free.

Of course, Ultimate Terrains is required (otherwise, these scripts are useless).

Why this repo?

It will be easier to share new scripts through this repository than waiting every time for a full Ultimate Terrains release. Another advantage is that everyone can contribute and share his scripts with other users.

How to use

Using a Git client

If you are familiar with git, you can just clone this project into Assets/uTerrains/Scripts:

cd Assets/uTerrains
# you will probably have to delete Scripts folder before cloning the repo: rm -rf Scripts 
git clone Scripts

Without Git

If you don't want to install a git client on your machine, you can just download the entire repository as a ZIP by clicking on the "Clone or Download" button of GitHub, extract the ZIP and replace the Assets/uTerrains/Scripts folder.


You are very welcome if you want to contribute to this repository. If you've made some Node, Operation or Voxel Type Function you'd like to share with other Ultimate Terrains users, this is the right place. Please, create a pull-request and I will happily review it.


A collection of Nodes, Operations and more that can be freely used with Ultimate Terrains



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