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Soulwire AS3 Framework


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A tool for fast prototyping and class demos in Flash. Quickly create a GUI (based on Keith Peter's Minimal Comps) to control variables in a sketch.

// Create a new GUI tied to the sketch and provide a hotkey
_gui = new SimpleGUI(this, "Example GUI", Keyboard.SPACE);

// Groups and Columns help organise your control panels
_gui.addGroup("General Settings");

// Toggle control for a Boolean

// Nested properties are supported (use normal dot syntax)
_gui.addSlider("someObject.position.x", 10, 200);

// Link two properties as a range
_gui.addRange("minParticles", "maxParticles", 10, 120);

// Colour picker for uint / int

// Callbacks with parameters can be added to any component
_gui.addButton("Regenerate", {callback:regenerate, callbackParams:[1000]});

// Save functionality generates AS3 code with your current settings
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