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To whom it may concern.

The Skynet project folder has a specific structure to support simultaneous extension development for Chrome and Firefox.


skynet /
├── dist /
│   ├── chrome /            : Chrome distribution
│   ├── chrome_legacy /     : Chrome distribution with legacy code
│   └── firefox /           : Firefox distribution
├── legacy /                : old code that is not yet migrated
│   ├── css /               : Cascading style sheets
│   ├── ext /               : External resources like jQuery, jQuery UI and Knockout
│   ├── js /                : JavaScript resources
│   │   ├── backend /       : used in the background of the extension
│   │   │   ├── chrome /    : Chrome specific scripts
│   │   │   └── firefox /   : Firefox specific scripts
│   │   ├── common /        : used both in the background and the content scripts
│   │   └── content /       : content script usage only
│   │       ├── chrome /    : Chrome specific scripts
│   │       └── firefox /   : Firefox specific scripts
│   └── templates /         : HTML templates used by the extension
└── src /                   : refactored and new code
│   └── main /
│       ├── js /            : JavaScript ECMAScript 2015, 2016, 2017
│       └── resources /     : Resources like images, locales and the manifest template
└── tasks /                 : Gulp tasks for the build system


The build system is Node.js based.
The use of yarn is recommended, but npm will work too.
The build system uses Gulp and webpack, as well as ESlint and Babel,

To install all dependencies use: yarn install

The following lines are not yet correct. At the moment Skynet is built over the commandline with the gulp command.

As you can see, the package.json contains some hopefully self-explanatory tasks.
These are started like this, for example: `yarn run build`


To test the extension in Chrome, you should have installed the Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool.
This is started separately.
You can then load the extension from the Chrome dist folder using Load unpacked.


The Developer Edition is required for testing and developing with Firefox. This usually creates a second profile so that the other extensions do not interfere.

With about:debugging you get to the page for managing the extensions. Here you should activate the debugging of add-ons and can load add-ons temporarily.

External Libraries

  • jQuery v3.3.1

  • jQuery UI - v1.12.1
    This is a custom build. To review this version open the provided link. It will open the official ThemeRoller of jQuery UI.
    Click the orange Download theme Button.
    Now uncheck the Toggle All checkbox.
    In the Widgets Section please check:

    • Accordion
    • Button
    • Dialog
    • Tabs
    • Tooltip

    Now add .skynet as CSS Scope and download the custom theme for Skynet.

    The files used by Skynet have a new timestamp with every download!

  • Knockout JavaScript library v3.4.2

  • nanoScrollerJS - v0.8.7
    The zip file contains the same minified version like this addon.