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A bot that tweets about Colorado state legislation.
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Colorado Openerr v1.0.0

Colorado Openerr uses the Open States API to tweet about what is happening in Colorado state legislation.

Built by Ogden Studios. The best way to support this project is by giving money to Open States.

Read about how and why this bot was made.


If you plan to deploy your own version or modification of Openerr, you'll need your own Open States API key and Twitter API credentials.


If you run npm test, you'll run the test suite built with Mocha. Additionally, if you want to see the twitter output without actually hitting the Twitter API, you can run npm run local and instead of tweeting, the script will console.log() each tweet status.

This won't be helpful in troubleshooting Twitter API issues, but it might be useful to troubleshoot any issues with the Open States API.

Deploying to AWS Lambda

This script is meant to be packaged up and deployed to AWS Lambda. If you want to create the .zip file for deployment, run npm run zip. Current builds are larger than 10mb and should be uploaded to an S3 bucket for lambda deployment.

Code style

We use the .editorconfig and a modified .eslintrc from the Node.js Style Guide. The modified .estlinrc is only different in that it uses ES6. ESLint has been added to npm run pretest, so will fire before testing, or can be run on its own if you like.

You can run npm run prettier to run Prettier with the correct settings to meet our ESLint config.


We use semantic versioning. Check out for notes about new versions as they're released.


MIT Licensed. Check LICENSE for details.

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