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Set of eye pleasing themes for GNU Emacs. Supports both GUI and terminal.
Emacs Lisp
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Kaolin themes for GNU Emacs

MELPA Stable MELPA Emacs License: GPL v3

Kaolin is a set of eye pleasing themes for GNU Emacs with support for a large number of modes and external packages.


Kaolin theme variants


All screenshots are available in the wiki on the following pages:

Further themes


These themes might be changed in the future.

  • kaolin-valley-light - light variant of kaolin-valley theme.
  • kaolin-bubblegum - colorful theme with dark blue background.
  • kaolin-mono-dark - almost monochrome dark green Kaolin theme.
  • kaolin-temple - dark background with syntax highlighting focus on blue, green and pink shades.
  • kaolin-breeze - Light Kaolin theme with soft colors.


  • kaolin-mono-light - light variant of monochrome theme.
p.s. Bold means that a theme was added to master.



To install the Kaolin themes pack via package.el: M-x package-install RET kaolin-themes RET

Quick start

(require 'kaolin-themes)
(load-theme 'kaolin-dark t)
;; Apply treemacs customization for Kaolin themes, requires the all-the-icons package.

;; Or if you have use-package installed
(use-package kaolin-themes
  (load-theme 'kaolin-dark t)


Information about configuring Kaolin themes is available in the project wiki.

Advanced highlighting


The mode-line config isn't a part of the Kaolin theme, you can find my telephone-line config here.

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