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OGDF is a self-contained C++ class library for the automatic layout of diagrams.
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OGDF - Open Graph Drawing Framework

OGDF is a portable C++ class library for graph drawing. OGDF offers sophisticated algorithms and data structures to use within your own applications or scientific projects.

Official homepage:


The library is available under the GNU General Public License. See LICENSE.txt for mor information on licensing.

Note for GitHub users

OGDF is actively developed using a non-public Subversion repository.

This Git repository contains the official releases and snapshots from the OGDF homepage.

However, @sbeyer and @schulzch are more or less responsible for this repository. We try to take care of issues and pull requests.

Do you use OGDF?

If you use OGDF for some software project, we would be proud to mention it on our list of projects using OGDF. In this case, just send an e-mail to

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