A demo of Puppet setup for java deployment, initially for Ubuntu 9.10 server
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This is a simple demo to show how easy it is to deploy on Tomcat with Puppet.
This demo initially assumes Ubuntu 9.10 Server but should be easily adaptable to other distributions.

To run this demo:

apt-get install puppet git
mkdir /srv
cd /srv
git clone git@github.com:mpdehaan/puppet-tomcat-demo.git
cd puppet-tomcat-demo
sudo sh test.sh  # will run Puppet with the correct arguments

The puppet content lives in 'modules'.

The WAR file we are using lives in 'java_src' and is from http://simple.souther.us/.  This could
be replaced with any java WAR.

In a production environment, you may wish to package your WAR files as debs (or RPMs) or even source
them from an NFS mount.  There are lots of ways to transfer them from your build environment.

Advanced users will want to adapt this to deploy multiple files, set up databases, and so forth.  Puppet
can also do these things.  Please ask if you have questions.

Michael DeHaan