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BBEdit Package for Rust

"Screenshots of the Rust BBEdit language module"

This is a BBEdit 11 Package for Rust. It provides the following features:

See the Wiki pages for more information and screenshots.


To install this package, simply clone the repo into BBEdit’s Packages folder:

$ git clone ~/Library/Application\ Support/BBEdit/Packages/Rust.bbpackage

Then restart your BBEdit and it should be picked up. It’s necessary for the filename to end in .bbpackage.

Alternatively, just download this .zip of the source and extract it to that directory.


To compile your own version, you’ll need Xcode, Rust, and Cargo. The default schema outputs a .bblm, and comes with a Run build step so you can debug the module while BBEdit is running. You’ll also need the BBEdit SDK. The project assumes it’s available under ${HOME}/Projects/BBEdit/LanguageModuleSDK.

Once you’ve got all that set up, simply run make and it’ll compile the language module and Rust helper tools for you.

Note that compiled versions of these tools already exist in the repository—you won’t be generating anything that doesn’t already exist!