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Specify that we need the width of stdout

The term_size crate introduced in #237 did things *slightly* differently than exa: it tried to get the terminal width of stdout, stderr, and stdin. This broke some tests that only redirected stdout.
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ogham committed Aug 5, 2017
1 parent d701547 commit 4289f4d27e28c1fb0086c4a75c376075347e3476
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@@ -392,7 +392,10 @@ impl Classify {
// so it’s easier to just cache it the first time it runs.
lazy_static! {
static ref TERM_WIDTH: Option<usize> = {
use term_size::dimensions;
dimensions().map(|t| t.0)
// All of stdin, stdout, and stderr could not be connected to a
// terminal, but we’re only interested in stdout because it’s
// where the output goes.
use term_size::dimensions_stdout;
dimensions_stdout().map(|t| t.0)

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