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Indentation guessing plugin for Vim
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GuessIndent Plugin

This plugin is based on the DetectIndent plugin by Ciaran McCreesh. Many thanks to him for inspiration and code.



The :GuessIndent command tries to determine whether the active file uses tabs or spaces for indentation as a convention. If the file appers to use spaces for indentation, the plugin will try to intelligently set the 'shiftwidth' and 'softtabstop' options.

You can run this command automatically every time a file is loaded. To do that, include the following in your ~/.vimrc file:

autocmd BufReadPost * :GuessIndent


If at least 3/4 of the lines in the active file appear to use spaces for indentation, then 'expandtab' will be set. If at least 3/4 of the lines in the active file use tabs for indentation, 'noexpandtab' will be set. If no tabs or spaces are used (for example if the file is new) then the command does nothing. If there is a roughly even mix then the file is considered to be ambiguous.

If the file sometimes uses spaces and sometimes uses tabs for indentation ambiguously, spaces are arbitrarily chosen as the indentation method and 'expandtab' is set. If you prefer to use tabs in this case and set 'noexpandtab', include the following in your ~/.vimrc file:

let g:guessindent_prefer_tabs = 1

For performance reasons, :GuessIndent reads a limited number of lines from the active file. The default is currently to read a maximum of 1024 lines. To change this maximum, include the following in your ~/.vimrc file:

let g:guessindent_max_lines_to_analyse = 2048


This plugin is distributed under the same terms as vim istelf. Contributions are welcome.

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