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===== INSTALLATION =====

1. Make sure that Gnu Scientific Library is installed, e.g. using the Package Manager system
   Examples (from

   Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libgsl0-dev
   Fedora: sudo yum install gsl-devel
   Suse:   sudo zypper install gsl-devel

2. Type './Allwmake' in the command line

3. For versions later than 1.7, please refer to the wiki on how to modify interFoam -> waveFoam.


The following paper describes the implementation of boundary conditions, the relaxation zones 
and the framework for relaxationShapes:

@article { jacobsenFuhrmanFredsoe2012,
    Author = {Jacobsen, N G and Fuhrman, D R and Freds\o{}e, J},
    title = {{A Wave Generation Toolbox for the Open-Source CFD Library: OpenFoam\textregistered{}}},
    Journal = {{Int. J. for Numer. Meth. Fluids}},
    Year = {2012},
    Volume = {70},
    Number = {9},
    Pages = {1073-1088},
    DOI = {{10.1002/fld.2726}},

Please make prober referencing to it, when using the toolbox.

The porosity module and the calibration of the resistance coefficients are described in

    Author = {Jensen, Bjarne and Jacobsen, Niels Gj\o{}l and Christensen, Erik Damgaard},
    Journal = {Coastal Engineering},
    Pages = {56--72},
    Publisher = {Elsevier B.V.},
    Title = {{Investigations on the porous media equations and resistance coefficients for coastal structures}},
    Volume = {84},
    Year = {2014},

Furthermore, users are referred to:
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