Sublime Text 2/3 plugin for markdown slideshow
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Markdown Slideshow

Markdown converter for slideshow.

  • A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin for slideshow in your web browser from markdown file.
  • Create a contents for markdown and then preview the slides in your browser.


Package Control

The easy to install using the Package Control.

  1. Press ctrl+shift+p (Windows) or cmd+shift+p (OS X). then Package Control: Install Package.
  2. To install at the command of Markdown Slideshow.


Download is available from github, Install the folder of Sublime Text 2/3 Packages.

$ git clone git://


Default Settings

  // Path of the custom themes
  "themes": null,

  // Theme of the slide. (io2012, io2011, ...)
  "theme" : "io2012",

  // Provided to expand the base syntax. (extra, fenced_code, tables, ...)
  "extensions": [],

  // Theme was to clean the output.
  "clean" : false,

  // File to output slide.
  "output_file": null,

  // View in Web Browser.
  "browser": true,

  // Presenter mode. Only theme io2012.
  "presenter": false

Key Bindings

    "keys": ["alt+s"], "command": "markdown_slideshow"




  • MIT